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Developing for DSP-API requires a complete local installation of Knora. The different parts are:

  1. The cloned DSP-API Github repository
  2. One of the supplied triplestores in the DSP-API Github repository (GraphDB-SE 8 or Fuseki 3).
  3. Sipi by building from source or using the docker image

Knora Github Repository

$ git clone


A number of triplestore implementations are available, including free software as well as proprietary options. DSP-API is designed to work with any standards-compliant triplestore. It is primarily tested with Ontotext GraphDB, a high-performance, proprietary triplestore. We recommend GraphDB Standard Edition, but GraphDB Free (which is proprietary but available free of charge) also works.

DSP-API includes support for Apache Jena, which is free software, but use of Jena is deprecated, and support for it will probably be removed in the future.

Built-in support and configuration for other triplestores is planned.

See the chapter on Starting GraphDB for more details.


Build Sipi Docker Image

The Sipi docker image needs to be build by hand, as it requires the Kakadu distribution.

To build the image, and push it to the docker hub, follow the following steps:

$ git clone
(copy the Kakadu distribution ```` to the ``docker-sipi`` directory)
$ docker build -t daschswiss/sipi
$ docker run --name sipi --rm -it -p 1024:1024 daschswiss/sipi
(Ctrl-c out of terminal will stop and delete container)
$ docker push daschswiss/sipi

Pushing the image to the docker hub requires prior authentication with $ docker login. The user needs to be registered on Also, the user needs to be allowed to push to the dblabbasel organisation.

Running Sipi

To use the docker image stored locally or on the docker hub repository type:

$ docker run --name sipi -d -p 1024:1024 daschswiss/sipi

This will create and start a docker container with the daschswiss/sipi image in the background. The default behaviour is to start Sipi by calling the following command:

$ /sipi/local/bin/sipi -config /sipi/config/sipi.knora-test-config.lua

To override this default behaviour, start the container by supplying another config file:

$ docker run --name sipi \
             -d \
             -p 1024:1024 \
             daschswiss/sipi \
             /sipi/local/bin/sipi -config /sipi/config/sipi.config.lua

You can also mount a directory (the local directory in this example), and use a config file that is outside of the docker container:

$ docker run --name sipi \
             -d \
             -p 1024:1024 \
             -v $PWD:/localdir \
             daschswiss/sipi \
             /sipi/local/bin/sipi -config /localdir/sipi.knora-test-config.lua

Redis Server

The DSP-API server uses Redis for caching.

On macOS you can install Redis through Homebrew:

$ brew install redis

If you don't want to use Redis, you can disable caching in application.conf via the app.use-redis-cache key, by setting it to false.

Last update: 2021-11-22